Swing – Silhouette of Kids on Carnival Swings at Sunset

“Swing” is a luxurious, ultra high gloss, metallic print of the highest quality and defanition. It’s offered as a 24×36 print on ultra high gloss aluminum. This print will bring back child hood memories of chilly autumn nights at the local carnival. It’s backed, mounted and ready to hang unframed.


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About This Print

Often a great photograph is the result of great planning and “Swing” is just such a photo.

In the autumn of 2008 my buddy Joe Galloway and I were at the Dallastown Carnival snapping photos just got fun. While we were there Joe grabbed a really cool silhouette of the kids ridding the swings. Liking the image I grabbed a similar shot that I was reasonably happy with.

After getting back home and viewing the image full size on my monitor the image was good but you might want to call it a near miss. It was bit blurred and not what I’d hoped for but I saw the real potential of the shot. Look at the image that I had I kew exactly what camera settings would work to make it happen the way I had hoped.

Wanting to recreate it but even better I set out to do so but I needed the right conditions. First off I obviously need a carnival and the night Joe and I went was the last night of the Dallastown Carnival that year. I needed a clear background and cloudless skies. It also needed to be snapped just as the sun was setting. This was nearly an imposable set of conditions.

Regardless the following autumn, in 2009, everything was just as it had been the year before so I hopped in the car and waited for the right moment as the sun was setting. When the time was right I squeezed off 5 or 6 shots and the photograph above was the result.

Sometimes planning and patience pays off. Even if waiting a full year to get the shot that you really want.

Thank you Joe for the inspiration for this photograph. In more ways than one it will always be your shot and your idea.

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Swing - Silhouette of Kids on Carnival Swings at Sunset

Children on carnival swings at sunset.