Photographers and the random photos that we shoot

May 19, 2013 , , Barry Kidd
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Much loved Barbie at the Red Lion Yard Sale 2013.
Random photos. A color ceramic frog that I cam across today

Last night I was speaking with another photographer about the many random photos that we as photographers snap daily. But some people don’t know it we often snapped hundreds or even thousands of photographs of the world never sees. The reason for this is because the photos are as I have said simply random photos. We’ll photograph many things that capture our interest but do not deem the photos worthy to be shown to the world so no one ever sees them.

Because of this conversation I’ve decided that I want to start posting some of these random photos and sharing them with you.

Todays Random Photos / Photo

Of the many “random photos” that I shot today which included everything from flowers, dogs, bird houses and even dried-up gourds about I would share this photo of a colorful ceramic frog that was claiming someone’s shared in their backyard. No I don’t go creeping around people’s backyards! My wife was there on business and snapped the photo while I was there with her.

Random photos. A color ceramic frog that I cam across today

Frog Legs. One of many random photos that I snapped today.

There are any number of things that I like about the photo above and there are things that I don’t like.

I do like the vibrant colors. Other than a bit of tweaking and slight color correction with a curves adjustment layer in RGB mode and some basic final color correction in Lab color mode this shot is, essentially, straight off the camera and hasn’t been altered much.

It isn’t shot in my usual style, assuming that I even have a style that is. and I detest the fact that I cut the top of the foot off. Oh well, the idea is to share some of those never to be seen photos with all of you so here it is.

For more random photos by thousands, no millions, of different photographers all over the world have a look at

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