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Political Photography

To view a few of my photos from political advertising campaigns swing by my political photography gallery. I've posted several photos and a few tare sheets there.

Political photography is an odd sort of endeavor.  My very first gig of this type was to shoot PR, Public Relations photos, for Congressman Tom Marino when he first officially announced his announce candidacy for office.  That was January 27, 2010.  Generally speaking, I’m as relaxed and comfortable behind the camera as most people are in bed.   Rather than just hoping I’ll get the shot, I know that I’ll get it.  I just go in, do my thing, have good time and hope that my clients do as well.   Even so that first political gig was a bit unnerving for me.  I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t have a solid plan on how to approach the job.    I certainly didn’t want to mess it up! As it turns out it was incredibly simple and straight forward.  For the most part I really wasn’t happy with the photos more because there was no “WOW” moment to capture.   Regardless there was absolutely no reason at all for me to get worked up over it.  It was one of the most straight forward jobs I’d ever worked. 
Since then political photography has become one of my favorite type jobs to get.  Since that first day I’ve gone on to shoot advertising campaigns for the election of several US Congressmen, Pennsylvania State Senators and a Judge or two.  I’ve also shot one round for a man running for a seat on city council of a small to mid-sized Pennsylvania town.    I’ve also worked the campaign for, as yet, an undisclosed candidate for US Senate.  I’d rather not say as it would be improper for me to mention his name before he formally announces in 7 month from the time of this writing. Anyway, I may have just fallen into the whole political photography business but now, several years later there is little else that I’d rather be shooting. Last I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone at LN Consulting in Harrisburg, PA. Thank you for giving me a shot and introducing me to something that I have come to love doing.
Some Of The Politicians

I've Photographed

Congressman Tom Marino

As stated above Congressman Marino was my first political gig in 2010.  I also shot his advertising campaign for his reelection in 2014.

Congressman Lloyd Smucker

Of all the political campaign gigs I’ve photographed, so far I’m the most happy with Congressman Smucker’s.  He was so incredibly relaxed in front of the camera that getting good photos was like taking candy from a baby.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick

Congressman Fitzpatrick was a really great guy but he was jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof.  As an FBI guy turned US Congressman he wasn’t exactly use to someone stuffing a camera in his face for 8 straight hours. I’m sure after his first two years in congress he’ll get use to it.

Senator John Rafferty

I shot Senator John Rafferty’s reelection campaign for 2014.  Though I didn’t shot his run for Pennsylvania’s Attorney General My photos were used for that campaign. 

Senator Tommy Tomlinson

The set we did for Pennsylvania State Senator Robert “Tommy” Tomlinson  was one of the fastest I’d worked on.  He needed new photos but was on a really tight schedule.  I think we had, perhaps an hour and a half or two hours with him at the most.

Judge Jessica Brewbaker

Judge Jessica Brewbaker is a judge for the Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania. She was elected on November 3, 2015. She was previously a judge for the Cumberland County Magisterial District from 2005 to 2015.

Easy As Pie!

A Fantastic Day

As I had mentioned above the set we shot for Congressman Lloyd Smucker’s political photography turned out fantastic.  It was one day when everything was clicking and turned out great.  It wasn’t becouse he was some kind of movie star but rather becouse he was relaxed and the photos were just real.  Here’s a campaign video that was created from my photo shot that day. 

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