Spending a Day in the Shire

Photos From The 2016 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire In Mt. Hope PA

October 23, 2016 , , Barry Kidd
Steel worker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania welding a bead.
The Restoration of an Antique Kamado by Kinuura Yaki Pottery of Japan. With Smokeware Chimney Cap in the rain
Queen Catherine of Aragon (played by Megan Jones) and Henry VIII, by the Grace of God, King of England, France and Lord of Ireland (played by Zach Minder) and Charles Brandon (played by Brian Huff) at the 2016 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Mount Hope Pennsylvania is one of the many popular events that occur annually here in my area. Just as with many of the local events I love to go photograph the people and things at the Pennsylvania Renaissance fair.

Many people dress up in costume for the event and apparently there is even a discount for people that do dress up. Since I’m more of a hoodie and baseball cap kind of guy I don’t go all out and dress up. I’ll have to leave that to the local lords, ladies and folk of the Shire. Perhaps that makes me kind of an outsider. especially since I run around with a camera strapped to my side and a bag full of spare lenses tossed over my shoulder but that’s that’s life in the slow lane. Either way I always enjoy myself.

King And Queen Of The 2016 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Above is a photo of Queen Catherine of Aragon (played by Megan Jones).  Henry VIII, by the Grace of God, King of England, France and Lord of Ireland (played by Zach Minder). And Charles Brandon (played by Brian Huff) at the 2016 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

Photos Of The Shire And It’s Folk

Obviously one of the cool things is that, besides visitors of the event dressing up many sire folk work the event. They mingle and engage with visitors throughout the day. Below is a photograph of one of the shire folk that was incredibly happy and just fun to be around. For the photo below I asked her to give me a spin and twirled her dress for which she she happily complied.

Among all of the shows and events that occur daily my favorite is always the Falcons. The photo below of a red tailed hawk named Titus as his handler was flying him about. To learn more about these beautiful birds check out the Knightwings Facebook page.

While at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire this year the wife and I ran into one of her friends, Penny, and her boyfriend Adam. Unlike myself who was entirely too reserved they were decked out in the latest garb and fashion of the day. So without further ado, I would like to introduce Lady Penny and Lord Adam in the photo below.

I believe one of my favorite shots this year was actually a photo of the Grim Reaper. I snapped the shot below with a super wide 14 mm lens. To get the shot I actually crouched down below the reapers hand. Then I shot upwards with the hand no more than 2 to 3 inches from the lens. This was intended to distort the hand as well as make it appear huge and forbidding. The end result was pretty cool and provided me with a nice creepy, dooms day kind of effect. I think I made quite a spectacle of myself trying to get the shot right but hey. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Small Gallery With A Few More Photos Below.

Below is a small gallery with a few more photos from our visit.  Lots of pumpkins, scarecrows, witchy things and such.

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