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How Blogging Can Mutually Benefit Our Businesses In York Pennsylvania And Surrounding Areas

July 21, 2016 , , Barry Kidd
Happy at the 2016 May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm in Glen Rock Pennsylvania
Queen Catherine of Aragon (played by Megan Jones) and Henry VIII, by the Grace of God, King of England, France and Lord of Ireland (played by Zach Minder) and Charles Brandon (played by Brian Huff) at the 2016 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
Steel worker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania welding a bead.

For the last year or two I’ve had a plan using photos and blogging in a way that could mutually benefit both my own business and other local businesses at no cost to either of us.

The only direct out of pocket expense is server space and I’m already paying for that regardless. Extra content doesn’t cost more so we only have to invest the time.  An hour or perhaps two at the most to get the photos then I’d need to write the post. At the most it will take a few hours of effort and the bulk of that work falls on me.

With that said this will be written from a personal standpoint rather than some fancy business pitch. In short think of this as if you and I were setting down for a cup of coffee just chewing the fat.

Keep in mind that the most important word above is that it could help us both. There are no guarantees of absolute success but it’s certainly better than not giving it a try. At the most nothing is lost for either of us.

Anyway, it works like this. Blogging is the original social media. Long before MySpace, Facebook, Google Plus or any of that other happy mess there was blogging and it’s still alive and well today. Even so Blogging is specific because it displays exactly what people are searching for rather than some random crap happens to be tossed up on your Facebook news feed on any given day.

How My Blogging Can Help Your Business

Being a photographer I take pictures of stuff all the time. I do it for work and I do it for my own pleasure. In the end I’m going to be snapping photos one way or another. For that reason alone it occurred to me that rather than just, or rather always, photographing landscapes bugs or whatever else stumbles in front of my lens on any given day why not occasionally photograph local businesses and write a short story about them for my blog?

The idea first came to me when the wife and I were eating at a nice little deli here in York one evening. It was a beautiful little place from the start. The evening light was streaming in through the windows creating beautiful, golden highlight and shadow detail that was nothing short of amazing. I was itching, and I mean itching!, to grab my camera and snap off a few shots. Damn they would have been beautiful photos! No doubt about it!

Anyway, I talked to the manager of the deli and asked about grabbing a few photos and writing a short blog post about this beautiful little place. For what ever reason they thought that there was some kind of catch or perhaps it was a sleazy deal when in fact nothing could have been farther from the truth. In the end they didn’t agree. This actually surprised me and frankly caught me off guard. It never even occurred to me that someone would think that. I mean, who turns down free publicity?!

People tend to want their business shared

Oddly enough we live in a world of social media where people and business hope for people to like and share their content on the web to help spread word of their business. As stated above Blogging was and remains the very first social media outlet.  Blogs are highly searchable and narrowly targeted specifically to people searching for information that you have to offer.  In other words, if they come and to a read the info provided it’s because they are looking for that exact information. What’s to loose?

Here I was just wanting to share my pleasurable experience at this deli along with, what would have been, an absolutely stunning photo or two of the place.  Oh well, that’s life I guess.

Moving right along

Moving right along. My blog is not some huge thing that gets hundreds of thousands of hits a day. It does however get a great deal of traffic for a small business site for a local York area business. Often , though not always, I can get as many as 1500 – 2000 unique visitors a day. The amount of really depends on recent post and events that I have covered etc.  Either way  I can assure you that it’s a good deal of traffic for little ole me

Over the years I’ve learned to work my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for best effect and tend to rank organicly on page one of Google Search for most of my primary keywords and long tailed keywords. I even have a few pages that rank on Google for the number one spot of page one world wide. Because of this a bit of blogging about your business can potentially draw more attention to you. Each post can be shared on social media and will also be searchable on Google and other search engines with links back to your own website and perhaps social media pages. All the while showing your business in it’s best light with photos that will hopefully appeal to readers.

My intention is to write positive post about local businesses from my own prospective. Nothing will ever be negative but it is intended to be a casual post keeping things light. Never a hard sales or advertising pitch. In todays world shit just turns people off and that’s the last thing we want.

How Blogging About Your Business Can Help Me

So, what’s in it for me?

Yes boys and girls I get something out of it as well.

As a photographer who keeps a blog I often run out of topics. It’s as simple as that. Writing about your business will give me new content for my site and Google loves fresh content. It’ll also provide me with new keywords that I don’t have when people search the web. If, for example, I had written about the deli mentioned above key words like deli, restaurant, cold cuts or bread would have been several keywords that would have helped make my website, or at least that one page, more searchable on Google.

In the end we both benefit. I get new photos, which I love, along new content and keywords that I wouldn’t normally have.  This will bring more visitors to me site. You get a write up and links back from a website that ranks well on Google search along, with what we hope will be, stunning photos of your business.

What I Need From You

What I need from you is simple.

  • Your willingness to try this and see if we can make it work.
  • I also need beautiful or interesting photos. For me it’s all about the photograph!

If you work in a bare white room with nothing on the walls and a computer on a desk it’s going to be damn hard to make pictures that stand out. That’s just a fact of life. If, on the other hand if you’re a Calligrapher in the same setting we can make that work.  It really all depends on the environment whether inside or out.

Even with this rquirement don’t necessarily loose heart and think that it can’t work for us. Under the right circumstances we can make interesting photos of many things. Even a junk yard has it’s appeal from a photographic stand point. Though the photos wouldn’t be beautiful they can damn sure be interesting. After all, no one would call the image of the steel worker above beautiful but it’s definitely interesting and displays a sense of industry.  In short, it screams:  “Let’s build something!”

Video Also Has It’s Advantages

I’m also Reasonably proficient with Adobe After Effects and capable of making short video clips that can be linked in as well. Though this isn’t always necessary these days “Big G” does give considerably more weight to pages that display video. I guess people are turned on by video and Google obviously want’s to keep it’s users happy. The slide show below, from the 2016 Fairie Festival in Glen Rock, is just one example. This video is a bit outlandish for most business use however. For that something a more conservative might work better but I’ve placed it here to show that we can do more than just toss up a few photos and a text.

Drop Me A Line

If collaborating on something like this intrest you or you would just like to discus the idea feel free to drop me a line. You can get me from my contact page here or the link above where my phone and email address is listed. Let’s see if this works as well as I hope. Right now it’s just an idea but the way I see it we have nothing to loose. Blogging really does help get us out to people that are looking for specific information that we have to offer.

You can also lead a comment below. I’d love to hear what you think. Just log into your Facebook account and start typing! Privacy Policy, your information will never be sold given to anyone for any reason.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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