Ice On The Susquehanna River

Ultra High Gloss - Metallic Fine Art Print

“Ice On The Susquehanna River” is a luxurious, ultra high gloss, metallic print of the highest quality and defanition. It’s offered as a 24×36 print on ultra high gloss aluminum.  It’s backed, mounted and ready to hang unframed. The mixture of cool and warm tones are sure to stand out as a focal point in your home or office.

24×36, luxurious, ultra high gloss, metallic print.  Golden hour photo of cracked pack ice on the Susquehanna River, Wrightsville, PA. Winter 2015

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About This Print

As a photographer I often struggle to capture images just the way that I see them in my mind.  Far to often it doesn’t happen and though the end result isn’t bad, and often even good, it’s rearly exactly what I want.  Few photographers will tell you this little fact of our existence but I’m a realist and understand that much of what we do is about luck as talent. This is most certainly the case when working outside and at the mercy of Mother Nature and the elements. In the studio? Not so much as we can control every aspect of the light and image but in the field we get what we are given.

“Ice On The Susquehanna River” was captured January 11, 2015 in Wrightsville PA. It is the exception to the rule that few things turn out exacttly as planned. This photograph was captured on an amazingly beautiful morning and one of those times, as far and few as they happen, where everything is clicking and has worked just as I envisioned and planned the night before when I decided to make the trip to Wrightsville for the shot.  Every detail was absolutely perfect. The sun rising through the arches of Columbia Wrightsville Bridge. The ice and even the golden rays of light shining through the tips of the ice.  It all played out before me just as I had envisioned the shot the night before.

Laying Down On The Ice

[pullquote]That’s when I went into belly crawling mode![/pullquote]I was actually laying down on the ice and snow to get the prospective of the ice in the foreground. I stared shooting on a tripod as low as I could get to the ground but it just wasn’t low enough. That’s when I went into belly crawling mode! I love the cool tones of the photo that help the viewer feel the chilly, yet beautiful, morning. Since the sun is low on the horizon it also kisses the jagged peaks of cracked ice covering the Susquehanna and shines through the transparent crystal of ice, golden and beautiful. To me this offers not only a hint of warmth for the chilly morning but the warm color of the sun works well with and complements the cool color of the ice and sky.

Perfect Print For Your Home Or Office

If you love the Susquehanna River or have a business along the river this is the perfect print to hang in your home or office. It most certainly will not disappoint. As for me? The morning frozen in time on this print has been branded on my memory and in my soul for the rest of my days. I truly feel fortunate to have been there and seen this beautiful site unfold right before my eyes.  In the end I have many good photos.  I even have many great photos but there are, perhaps, no more than 3 or 4 shots that I’ve captured over a life time of photography that actualy hold a peace of my soul.  This is one of this photos.

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