Short List of

My Clients

Below is a short list with a few of my clients.


I’m a corporate and commercial and political photographer primarily serving York Pennsylvania, East Central Pennsylvania, North Central Maryland, Northern Virginia and the Washington DC areas.

Work History And Clients

Below is a short list of a few of my clients.

  • Political lobbying and consultation firm Long, Nyquist & Associates.
  • Campaign and public relations photographer for several US Congressman, Senators and Judges
  • The Disney Corporation
  • SyFy Television Network / SciFi Universal
  • Six Star Pro Nutrition
  • Occasionally license to magazines in the US and Europe. Mostly children’s publications.
  • Montana Department of Commerce and Tourism.
  • Advertising and branding campaign for The Dorset Brewing Co. Weymouth, UK.
  • Shoot on assignment for a prominent law firm in East Central Pennsylvania.
  • Occasionally license to text books for students ranging from grade school to undergraduate studies as well as trade publications for teachers and other educators.
  • And some other stuff.
Steel worker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. List of clients

Steel worker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I have a true love for photography and I believe that we never stop learning and growing in our search to create better photos.

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Barry Kidd