Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Written by: Barry Kidd
January 23, 2013
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the National Mall,Washington DC

[mpc_dropcaps background=”transparent” color=”#BB1F25″ size=”normal”]T[/mpc_dropcaps]he first time I visited The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, also known as “The Wall”, wasn’t long after it was constructed. What surprised me about that visit was the quiet and peacefulness of the place. Despite the throngs of people …

97th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show

A macro shot of a roosters' head and eye at the 97th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show

[mpc_dropcaps background=”transparent” color=”#BB1F25″ size=”normal”]O[/mpc_dropcaps]n Sunday, January 6th Kitten and I went to the 97th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show. We used to go annually when we lived in Mechanicsburg, which is just south of Harrisburg Pennsylvania where the Farm Show is located. Photographs …