The Black Walnut Tree

The moon setting behind and old black walnut tree in southern Virginia, USA. The print is a 24×36 inch ultra high gloss, metallic print of the highest quality.

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About This Print

The short behind this print is actually kind of simple. I was back on the farm that I grew up on and went out one night to shoot the Milky Way galexy. While waiting for the moon to set and provide the dark sky needed to properly expose the Milky Way I saw that the moon was setting behind this old black walnut tree. I basically grew up under this tree and it was nothing unusual. It’s literary in the back ground of hundreds of family photos spanning nearly 100 years. Even so that night with the moon setting behind it added a completely different quality to the old tree.

Because of that I snapped the shot and Presto! this was the result. Kinda cool. Kinda creepy

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